Video Production

Our team is made up of experienced recruitment and video production professionals who are experts in creating engaging videos to attract a higher calibre of candidates and enhance your employer brand. When it comes to video production, we appreciate that every company has different needs. We will work closely with you to ensure we deliver a bespoke video package that meets your individual requirements.

Every employee has a story, let us help you tell them


Our video production crew has a combined 18 years of professional experience filming and editing videos for a wide range of companies from SME’s to large global brands.

There really is no other media like video to evoke true emotion and engage a viewer in less than 2 minutes.

Paul Molde - TalentScape


We don’t believe in using stock photos for employer branding. Candidates want authenticity and transparency, everything stock photos are not. We approach photography projects according to their context. If we are delivering photos as part of a career site build, we carefully choose the styling according to their placement on the site and the corporate branding guidelines. If you are after stand alone photography services, we work with you to ensure we deliver according to your personal brief.

Capturing magical moments rather than striking a pose


If you want to get the most from your video shoot you need to make sure you are well prepared, know your audience, understand what you want to achieve, and use your best brand ambassadors. Simply turning up on the day does not suffice. We are able to approach video projects from a full brand agency perspective; this means we work with you before the shoot to understand your EVP and the associated messages. If needs be we can storyboard your ideas and help you design a Q&A format. We also provide you with fact sheets and hints and tips to be passed onto your employees. Where our expertise really come in to play is our ability to make the process enjoyable and stress free.

Making sure you get the most from your video shoot